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Buying a Leon County Foreclosure is Now Available Online: Starting TODAY, Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Starting today, you can Buy a Leon County Foreclosure on the Web. CLICK HERE for the Site!  Previously, if you wanted to bid on a Foreclosure you had to attend the Live Sale at the Courthouse. The Clerk of Courts Office decided to use a 3rd Party Vendor as a way to cut administrative costs while expanding the pool of bidders. Several counties like Broward, Duval, Miami-Dade, Walton and now Leon have solicited the services of Real Foreclose. Currently the company has no documented cases of hacking or fraud with their systems. Cyber tampering, is one of the main concerns for seasoned bidders that now have to route deposit funds through an online system in order to become eligible to bid.

The process of obtaining a Courthouse Foreclosure will remain the same with the exception of On-line Bidding/Paying (View Previous Blog Post Tallahassee, FL Foreclosures: Buying at the Leon County Courthouse is Changing Soon)

Is this change for Better or Worse?

(Better) The Physical Address of the Parcel Number is now displayed. Previously you had to search several Court Documents to obtain this informationOn line Foreclosure Address Pic

(Better) Bid anywhere in the World as long as you have Internet Access

(Better) Bid on a Parcel in other Counties as long as they have a partnership with Real Foreclose

(Better) Your bidding is anonymous. No more bidder intimidation!

(Worse) If the Internet Connection fails during the bidding process you may be out of that Sale

(Worse) Deposited funds being routed through an on-line system that can take up to 4 Business Days to clear

(Worse) Little Room for Error. (ex. you type in a bid of $50,000 but mistakenly put in $55,000, you only have a few seconds to correct it before its final)

(Worse) An administrative fee added to the winning bidders costs

 Contact me for any assistance in navigating through this new process.



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