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Tallahassee Foreclosure: Weekend Warrior Project

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One of the 1st Priorities after Physically Securing a Foreclosure is to start Cleaning the outside. Often times Foreclosures from the Courthouse have been neglected  for several months or even years (your neighbors will Thank you). Also, you can start any demo work on the inside.  This weekend I made it a family affair and bagged a truck load of leaves and took up a 1000 square feet of flooring. You can save a lot on your budget if you can find ways to “Do it Yourself” (DIY)! Here are some tips:

Before and After Back Yard

A good industrial blower, a rake, shovel, 39 gal or more trash bags and time will help transform layers of leaves and debris. Some mud will be left on the surface after getting all the leaves up. The leaves have captured the moisture underneath for a long time. Allow a few days for this area to completely dry and it will be easier for you to sweep away.

I can finally see brick pavers (I LOVE IT)

Before and After Front Yard

One of the Trees in the Front Yard was dropping seeds that created several mini plants.  After pulling them all out, I identified the tree and will have it removed to help eliminate this in the future. I will explore low maintenance plants for this area. 

Before and After gro

I decided the laminate flooring on the bottom level was not going to work for the design plan I had in mind.  The flooring was in great condition.  As long as the flooring is nailed or floating/interlocked you will be able to remove it without damaging the pieces.  
I will use this for another project or you can donate it to your local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

You will encounter many surprises while doing demo work.  This surprise came after pulling up the laminate flooring. Underneath this flooring was industrial carpet that was glued down. This set us back about an hour but we got it DONE!



From Labor to Formal

 Just 2 hours after completing our work. My dad and I attended the 4th Annual Links Beautillion at the University Center Club. Thanks to Dr. Janet Gibson’s invite, we witnessed 12 young men in the community be recognized for their accomplishments.

Before and After


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